Gringuito’s I DO Filet Mignon!!
Have your loved one wanting to MARRY YOU AGAIN & AGAIN!



2 Angus Beef Filet Mignons
Himalayan Salt
Cranbanero Hot Sauce
Pineapplito Hot Sauce
1 Stick of Kerrygold Garlic & herb butter
1 Package Frying Cheese
4 slices of Pepper jack Cheese
Olive Oil
3 Limes
1 bunch of Asparagus

Preferred Cooking Method
Cast Iron Pan

Experiencing a sauce is about having fun! If you don’t have all the ingredients get creative. If you are a family of 10 multiple the recipe. Take the basic concept & make a Flavor Fiesta in your kitchen.


Step 1
Leave steaks out for approx. 30 minutes to get close to room temperature

Step 2
Heat Up Grill to hottest 400+ degrees
Put Cast Iron on the Grill

Step 3

Use a paper towel to “pat” the steak dry.  Liberally, & I mean liberally salt every side of your steak. If you are using Filet Mignon make sure you really Salting the hell out of it!

Step 4
Cut limes
Slice Cheese into 1/4 inch or so slabs
Wash Asparagus & cut the ends

Step 5
Add approx. 6 or 8 tablespoons of Cranbanero per Steak! Let sit for 10 minutes
If you like it more spicy use a little more 😀


Step 6

Add the Filet Mignon to the grill, use a meat thermometer! You will want to get the steak about 10-15 degrees below your desired taste. So for example for Medium rare (130 degrees) I would pull from the grill at about 115. Make sure to grill each side of the steak.

Step 7
Season the Asparagus with salt, 1 lime, 6-8 table spoons of Pineapplito Hot sauce and put on the grill.

Step 8
Once your steaks are cooking on the grill , add enough olive oil to coat your cast iron. Add the cheese.

Step 9
Once your steaks are 80% to the desired temperature, add the Kerrygold Garlic Butter & herbs to the cast iron.

Step 10
Add the steak to the Cast iron and place on top of the cheese. Now that the garlic herb butter has melted, use it to marinate and continue cooking your steaks. Use the meat thermometer!

Step 11
Take two limes and squeeze over the steaks

Take the Grilled Asparagus and add to the top of the steaks in the skillet.

For a Surf & Turf presentation add either lobster, or snow crab legs.

This recipe is a FLAVOR BOMB from beginning to end. Get ready to create a Flavor Fiesta in your kitchen!